EXHUME: The Uncanny and Captivating Nature of Abject Images

      The large-format photographic exposures of Exhume were created by a darkroom process utilizing equisized negatives made of velum paper. Each negative contained only a fragment of the final compositions. These negatives were arranged sequentially within my exposure device‚Äôs five successive trays. When operated, light would illuminate a sheet of photosensitive paper. The negatives control where light could react with the surface of the photosensitive paper and also where light would be blocked entirely. Distance from the negative to the photographic paper drastically alters what final exposure will occur. Increased distance between the two points causes the final image to be exposed out of focus, while a negative that is in direct contact with the photographic paper will be exposed with crisp detail. Because of this occurrence, the negatives utilized in making an exposure from this machine come into focus as they are arranged in an ascending order. Each photographic print on display has been created utilizing three to five overlaid negatives during the darkroom process. At this time process ends and content begins.

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